Hello! We are Diane and Claire, experienced business managers and owners of Orbit Agency.

We’re also the founders of Shine Salon Success, where we work exclusively with the Hair & Beauty sector to help achieve success.

We have a passion for small businesses and working with small business owners and their teams – borne out of our own journey from corporate careers to entrepreneurial business owners. We are here to give you professional and practical help and support increasing the performance of your business. We do this through our work with marketing, social media, people strategies and helping you become more resilient in business. We work with you to make more money for your business, and to increase profitability in both your business, your people and yourself.

Best of all – we keep it simple! You pick the service that you need and we work with you on practical solutions that will move your business forward in a stress free and supported way. Ditch the overwhelm and get started with us now!

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