How we can help you:

One-to-One POWER HOURS: From £99

Social Media Success:

1-1 help with your social media platforms. We can support you with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and your website.

We work with you in a practical way either for general training or more specific tasks, such as improving your Facebook business page, using Facebook groups, setting up an Instagram Shop, using Reels and Stories, targeting and content creation and much more.

Just get in touch and we will direct you to the right platform and activity for your business.

Remember, you can’t all do it all, so its vitally important that you spend your time on the right part of social media, we will help you to learn to love your time on socials and crucially only utilise the parts of social media that will deliver results in to your business!

HR Made Easy:

1-1 help with all aspects of people management in your business.

We work with our clients on creating and reviewing employment contracts, staff policies and procedures and handbook creation / review, performance management, leadership and management development, managing absences, support with difficult conversations and staying up to date with current employment law requirements.

We have 20 years practical and professional experience across a variety of sectors and always adapt to your needs and situations to find the right outcome for you.

High Performance for Your Business:

Do you need some certainty in an uncertain world? You are not alone!

Running a business is often a very lonely place, and you are wearing multiple hats. COVID slowed many of us down,  and threw up hurdles we possibly hadn’t considered before. However, we are more resilient than we think and opportunities exist in the middle of times of disruption.

Talk to us confidentially 1-1 on how you would like to move forward, position your business, its performance going forward and get that second opinion on all your ideas, current opportunities and support with your challenges.

Discover the behaviours that will guarantee you success in getting your business to the top and keeping it there. Learn by experience. Two heads are most definitely better than one and we love to work with businesses to adapt, change and grow.


Do you want to feel better and be better in your business, your job, your team? We all want to bring “our best selves” to work, and sometimes that can seem like quite a big ask.

Our proven wellbeing strategy will help you see how you can achieve wellness that will benefit you, your team and your business – all delivered in practical and user friendly steps. We will cover physical, social/emotional, psychological and financial wellness – or any combination of these that helps you where you are at!

2hr Strategy Sessions: £180

If you need more in-depth one-to-one support then our two hour Strategy Sessions are also available to book. These are custom-prepared for your specific needs. Please contact us with a brief outline of your requirements. We will get back to you within 24 hours to book you in.

Team Training: £480

Bespoke Training (90 mins and up to 20 attendees with additional seats available at £20 per delegate)

Our custom-created webinars are 90 minutes in duration and delivered to you and your team live in Zoom Webinar.

Fully tailored to your specific requirements and interactive during the session. A pdf copy of all materials used in the session (including worksheets and templates) and a digital recording of the session is forwarded to you following delivery.

Topics include:

Need something bespoke? Just ask...